Director: Lorenzo Rossi Espagnet
Writers: Lorenzo Rossi Espagnet, Dora dalla Chiesa
Release Date: 11 November 2012 (Italy)
Genre: Documentary
Plot: "Generale" is the private investigation of a girl, who at the threshold of her 30th year, is trying to figure out who was really his grandfather, a national hero and innovator in the techniques of investigation on terrorism and organized crime with the use of repentants and infiltrators. It achieves this primarily through the memory of her father and her aunts, close relatives and all those people who have worked with her grandfather, risking their lives. An intimate portrait of General Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa, as drawn by Dora, the granddaughter he never knew and who bears the name of his first wife. The documentary stretches through three generations to remember and celebrate not only a man, but a whole family who suffered the darkest and bloodiest years of Italian history.
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